Top Poker Myths Debunked

There are many misconceptions about poker and many players base on them only to end up making mistakes. Here are the most common poker myths and why they’re not valid.

Poker Requires Exceptional Math Skills

Although you need to know a bit of card counting and prediction, you don’t have to be a math genius to succeed in this game. In fact, focusing on math may hurt your chances of winning poker. Just learn the basics, memorize a few numbers, and you’re good to go.

Placing Higher Stakes Aids in Fast Learning

Don’t risk a big part of your bankroll during the learning process; otherwise, you will end up losing much and getting depressed. Be sure to get proper bankroll management skills as you start playing. Also, avoid using lots of money during the infancy stage of casino playing.

Online Poker is Highly Rigged

A common myth in poker is that new players have higher chances of winning than experienced users. Many people believe that sites are customized to let players with the worst hands and no experience to win more often. It’s only that new users get welcome and sign up bonuses to give them a head start in betting. But casinos are regulated and no operator wants to lose an arm and leg to please new players.

Pros Chase One Big Win

It’s, of course, true that a single big score in poker can boost a player’s bankroll. But most players will continue gambling even after winning. Yes, they know that playing poker for a living is such a grind, but still, they won’t quit after one big win. It’s what they do, and they’ve a passion for it.

Poker Is Based on Luck

Obviously, there’s some luck in winning poker. But this game solely depends on the player’s logical thinking and ability to make complex decisions. You need to analyze what your opponents, including the computer, are thinking about to increase your chances of winning.